Vertical optical prism mounted on a stand to permit height adjustment

56.8 x 36 x 12.5
Carved and inlaid wood, glass and brass

INDEX 1788 : V.III.323

Machina praecedenti similis: dissert tamen in eo, quod parallelogramum sustineat Prisma ad horizontem perpendiculare.

Instrument similar to the previous one: it differs in that the wooden frame holds the prism vertically.

This optical prism is similar to the previous one and is also mounted in a similar wooden frame, but here it is mounted vertically.

From Colégio dos Nobres, catalogue n.º 313.

's Gravesande, Willem Jacob, Physices Elementa, Leiden, 1742, Tomo II, § 3524, Tab. CXII, Fig. 1.

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