Model of Boulard cart

19.7 x 66.3 x 25
Carved and inlaid wood, brass.

CAT. 1824 : D.II.32

Modelo do carro da invenção de Boulard. Tem as rodas de latão, de 6 poll. e 10 linh. corda huma do diametro; e o sobrado tem 9 poll. de largura, e 15 de comprimento. Jornal da Phys. de Rosier de 1785.

Model of a cart invented by Boulard. It has brass wheels each 6 inches and 10 lines in diameter; the floor is 9 inches wide and 15 long. Journal de Phys. de Rosier, 1785.

This is an example of the well-known carts invented by Cathérine François Boulard, the architect from Lyon who studied the nature and form of wheel rims (1781) and also transport carts which were "lightest, most easily rolling, least likely to spoil roads" (1788).

Research into improvements in transport was being carried out throughout Europe at this time. This apparatus and the next one are evidence of contemporary interest in this topic in Coimbra.

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