Model crane

33.8 x 22.3 x 33.1
Carved and inlaid wood and ivory

CAT. 1824 : D.I.30

Outro guindaste quasi semilhante ao precedente. Não pode servir por estar muito mal feito.

Another crane very similar to the preceding one. It cannot be used because it is very badly made.

This crane resembles instrument 39, as mentioned in the Catalogue of 1824. Apart from the structures on which they are mounted, the difference lies in the fact that in this crane the operator turns a wheel near the base of the apparatus, from the centre of which rises a vertical axle. This axle terminates in a worm screw engaging with the teeth of a cogwheel; this is mounted in the middle of a horizontal axle extending beyond the bearing holding it to the supporting framework. Each end of this axle has a worm screw engaging with a cogwheel at either side of the crane framework. These cogwheels are mounted on a horizontal cylindrical axle, around which is wound the rope bearing the suspended object. The original column and horizontal beam of this 180-year-old piece have not survived.

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ructure, extending from the base of the machine to a level on the column just below the bottom of the platform, ensures stability.

To move the suspended object in the horizontal plane, the horizontal wooden beam of the crane can be manoeuvred by a rope hooked to the opposite end from the pulley, causing the beam to rotate around its vertical support column.

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