Tripod and block with four pulleys

192 x 72
Wood, iron and brass

INDEX 1788 : g.140

Machina Tripodis instar, quae proprio nomine Capra dicitur, constans ex tribus Tignis quae in summo capite conjuncta, in imo sunt divaricata. Huic adjuncta est Sucula, quae in plano ad solum parallelo versatur.

Machine like a tripod, called a 'goat', consisting of three beams joined at the top and spread at the base. To this is attached a winch, turning in a horizontal plane.

This is a wooden tripod on which, according to the INDEX 1788, was installed a winch (this no longer exists). The blocks described earlier (instruments 27 and 28) are mounted on this tripod, at the top of which a T-shaped iron bracket was added.

On the lower part of the tripod is a block made up of two reels, one fixed and the other moveable, each consisting of two pulleys mounted on the same axle. These are of the same kind of material as those made by Schiappa Pietra and are inscribed E. I. 586. This piece of equipment is not found in the Index Instrumentorum of dalla Bella.

From Colégio dos Nobres, catalogue n.º 131.

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