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Statera ex orichalco aequilibrata; et Aequipondia quinque piriformia varie magnitudinis.

A level brass balance, five counterbalance in the shape of a pear with varied values.

This is another steelyard, similar to the first but with only two suspension hooks: one is used to suspend the steelyard, the other to suspend the body to be weighed. On the end of the shorter arm, there is a weight in the shape of a small pear. This weight allows us to keep the balance level when it is suspended empty (without the sliding weight and the object to be weighed). The longer beam of this balance is quadrangular, with two surfaces divided into 14 equal parts and the other two divided into 28 parts, 14 of them coinciding with the preceding ones.

From Colégio dos Nobres, catalogue n.º 103.

's Gravesande, Willem Jacob, Physices Elementa, Leiden, 1742, Vol. I, § 194, Tab. VI, Fig. 4.

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