56.3 x 24.2 x 18.8
Glass, brass and wood

CAT. 1878 : 448

Apparelho para a decomposição da agua, (systema Allemão).

Apparatus for decomposing water, (German system).

This voltameter, designed for teaching purposes, enables collection of the gas released next to only one of the electrodes, during the electrolysis process. Analysis of the physical and chemical characteristics of that gas yields information on the chemical composition of the water.

Collection is achieved by means of a cylindrical tube which surrounds one of the electrodes and extends vertically to the interior of another cylindrical tube, with a larger diameter, standing on a vertical wooden support which itself is fixed to a wooden base. The end of the inner tube is shaped in such a way that another tube can be introduced into it for the gas to pass through.

The body of the voltameter has a brass lid with a small hole so that the gas produced next to the other electrode can be released.

The Gabinete de Física acquired this model in 1872.

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