Paper paintings to be observed obliquely

28 x 35 x 3
Wood, glass and paper

INDEX 1788 : X.III.395

Tabula ex chartis texelatis quae simul duas immagines representat.

Board of juxtaposed leaves that at the same time represent two images.

INDEX 1788 : X.III.396

Altera Tabula priori similis, quae tamen tres representat immagines.

Another board similar to the previous one, which in all, represents three images.

These are two pictures made of strips cut from engravings which when observed in a certain way, show the reconstituted engravings. Both are framed in black and gold and the engravings are protected by a glass which can be removed and replaced by means of a lateral groove running along the extension of the frame.

The first picture (number X-III-395, Index of 1788) is a piece of paper, folded in successive creases, where parallel strips of the two engravings, both coloured, are placed alternately. Looking from one side, a boy playing a card game is seen, from the other, a man is shown laughing.

The second picture (number X-III-396, Index of 1788) is made in a way which allows for three engravings to be seen, instead of just two. A complete coloured print is placed at the base of the painting. The other two engravings would have been initially placed, wholly, back to back in the same direction and then cut into equal thin strips. The strips were fixed, in order, onto the base engraving, but on edge, perpendicular to it and from top to bottom, thus forming, a succession of parallel partitions whose height is the width of the strips. So, when the engraving is observed from the front, the base engraving is seen, observed from the side, in the proper position, another can be seen, and from the other side the third is visible. The prints are all coloured, the base print showing an old woman playing the fife, one of the side panels showing a boy sitting at a table feeding a dog and the last side panel showing an old usurer.

From Colégio dos Nobres (catalogue n.º 551 and n.o 552).

Carvalho, Rómulo de, História do Gabinete de Física da Universidade de Coimbra, Universidade de Coimbra, Biblioteca Geral, Coimbra, 1978, pp. 540-541.

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